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Ratings go from five stars being the highest to 0 stars being the lowest rating.

Emerica:  These shoes last a really long time, i have had the ed templeton's and the reynolds, both of which have lasted a really long time and i can still skate them.  I highly reccomend these shoes for anyone. ****
DC:  These shoes may give off the impression of being all for show but they last.  The only problem with these is that the sole usually wears out before the rest of the shoe.****
Etnies:  These shoes suck.  They love to use synthetic material in their shoes and when you are ollieng on it it becomes white and fuzzy looking.  I reccomend to stay aeway from these shoes as they dont last.*

Santa Cruz:  These boards are allright, allthough they loose their concave and flip after a while.**
Alien Workshop:  These boards are great, they have great concave and a whole hell of alot of pop to them.  I would reccomend these boards to anyone.*****
Powel:  These boards are more for little kids/beginners than for anyone else.  The best thing about them is their no crack guarantee.**
Shorty's:These boards are cool when there new and have tight graphics but after alot of use tend to loose some of their concave.***
Element:These boards have nice shape.  I have never owned one but have ridden them before and they seem to have a nice feel to them.****
Think:  This was one of my first boards.  Think seems to be more for people looking for a smaller skinnier bord.  They dont look like they can take a beating and survive.***
Inhouse:  These boards feel like they are made out of a stiff rubber but have a whole hell of a lot of pop and flipability to them.****

Krux:  These are the best grind you can experience.  Buy these.*****
Independent:  These trucks are heavy and klunky and tend to break their kingpin's alot but if yu are looking for a long lasting hanger this is it.****
Venture:  These trucks are light and turn very easily.  The axle's on them wear down very quickly though and you tend to hit the axle within the first month or less of very aggressive grinding/skating.***
Gind King:  These are light, lighter than the ventures i would say but like the Ventures dont last very long when you are doing alot of grinds.***

Shorty's:  Their 1" inch bolts are the perfect size bolts and i havent broken one yet.*****
Lucky:  This is pretty much just like the shorty's hardware except it has 2 green bolts to tell your front from your back.*****

Pig:  These are wheels.  What else do i have to say.*****
Spitfire:  This is all i ride and they have lasted me forever.*****

Black Panthers:  These bearings are great.  They have a teflon self lubricating filament inside of them and a rubberized water proof pate to protect them on them.*****
Lucky's:  These bearings suck.  I had them for 1 week and allready blew the shield off and bearings out.  They only have a plastic ligning inside of them and that cracked in the first day.  Buy these if you wanna waste your money.*
Pig:  These bearings are allright.***

Grip Tape-
Jesup:  This stuff is the shit.  It lasts and lasts and when you get it wet it still lasts.  Get this stuff, its cheap too.*****
Black Magic:  Black magic is really popular because it has a name to it (if you know what i mean) and sticks good the first two or three days but after a while it gets a shiny tint to it and looses absolutely all grip it may have once had. **