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Bs Board Slide:
1) Approach the thing that you're going to slide at a straight angle about half a foot away from it at a good speed that you feel comforble at.
2) When you come up next to it do a 90* ollie on to the thing you're going to slide.
3) When you land on the thing you're going to slide put your weight on to your heels. (If you are sliding the way you're facing.)
4) If you did that right the board will slide. Now to get off this depends on what you are sliding on. If its one of those bike racks that you turn upside down or anything that just stops with nothing in the way of your wheals then all you do is turn your body (and feet) the way you want to get off. But if it does corner or there are things in the way of your wheals then you are going to have to go up on a 30* angleto clear it.
This can be a cool looking move. When you get good at it you can slide things quite long. To do this you need more speed.

Fs Board Slide:
1) Approach the object at a pretty fast speed. On this trick, if you go to slow you will stick and fall on your back.
2) Now approaching frontside, ollie at a 90 degree angle and slide.
3) While you are sliding center you lower body out with the rail. Your upper body should be turned around so you can see where you are going and it gives you better balance.
4) As you approach the end of your obstacle, turn out 90 degrees and role away and show off.

50-50 Grind:
Approach the ledge or rail you are going to grind either at a 45 degree angle or less. (I find the the 45 degree angle a little bit more difficult to pull-off, but easier get onto.)
Ollie at an angle with your front foot first and your back foot following until you land on the ledge/rail. You want to ollie just high enough to get on, but not too high or you will slam your trucks really hard. Once you start sliding, keep your weight over the center of the board. If possible, have your back foot on the tail. On curbs and low ledges, you can just roll out of it sometimes, but if it is higher you either need to drop or ollie out of it. to drop it, just keep your weight over the back truck and manual until you fall. To ollie out, pop the tail and fall to the ground. When you land, keep your weight centered and try not to slip out. Stay balanced and ride away smooth.

50-50 180 Out:
A 50-50 180out is obviously where you 50-50 and then 180 off the ledge, hence the name "50-50 180out"This trick is pretty dope, but basic.
The first thing is to learn 50-50s and 180s off curbs. aprouch at a moderate speed, but the faster the better. Get into your 50-50.
ollie into it so that your feet land solid, with one on the tail & one above the front bolts. Now it's time to whip out those 180 skill's of your.
Do a 180 off the ledge, but do it with you feet in that solid position. Roll off fakie as your poser friends stare and realize they can't do that.

5-0 Grind:
This trick seems a lot harder than it is. It's probably best that you start out on a curb or something lower, you wuss.
Anyways, ride towards the curb at hardly any angle at all, and don't go very fast at first. (Btw, since you aren't going very fast, make sure the curb is waxed well first, moron.
Now ollie and land on the curb with only your back truck, not your front at all, and drag your tail. Kind of like a crappy manual on the edge of the curb with one wheel hanging off.
It is VERY important that you don't lean back to much. The biggest danger is slipping out, so don't!
Try to keep yourself balenced, and slide as long as you can. When you're done, come off the same way you do on a 50-50.
Remember, practice practice practice.

5-0 Salad Grind:
approach a rail/curb/whatever at a com- fortable pace (i know that sounds corny)
ollie onto the rail as you would during a 5-0 grind, but before you hit the rail, tweak the board to the side as you would in a frontside shifty.
land on the rail and slide along on the rear trucks with the board "boned" out to the side.
slide off the rail like you would in a 5-0.
another way to do this is to do a 5-0, then tweak it out to the side while you're sliding.

Nose Grind:
Approach the ledge at a good speed. (Never slow!)
When you reach your ledge (a VERY slight angle), make sure that your front foot is near the 2 back bolts on the front truck.
Ollie high enough for the front truck to be a little bit above the ledge.
In the air, put pressure on the nose of the deck so that the board's front truck is on the ledge. Then push foward so that it will grind more easily.
When you are at the end of the ledge lean back just a little so you can get off of it and land.
**When you are grinding, you have to lean to towards the ledge. This will put pressure on the wheel that's on there and you will grind more smoothly. You shouldn't do this on a railing because you will fall.

Nose Slide:
1)Roll at a good pace toward the object.
2)Try and be either parallel to the object or rolling towards it at a slight angle.
3)When you're close enough, pop the board up and turn the board so it meets the object with it's nose. Tip - When trying to turn the board, use your body and your legs at the same time, you want to have your body facing sideways to the object.
4)Slide, Slide, Slide...
5)If you want to loand regular, simply lean your back foot backwards 90 degrees near the end, as well as your body and legs. If you want to land switch, lean forward when your sliding and turn your body and legs 90 degrees forward.
6)Roll away.
Hints and Tips - To land the trick regular or switch, you need to use both your body and your legs to turn, no just your feet. If helps in you lean forward to land switch, and lean back if you want to land regular.

Tail Slide:
This trick is frontside. So approach the curb the way you would for a basic 50-50.
Ok to tailslide, approach a curb/funbox/whatever going at a moderate speed like if you want to slide farther then go faster. Act as if you are going to do a 5-0 grind, but instead of just landing your back truck on there, turn your board 90 degrees sideways, and land your tail on there. BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR TAIL DOWN (on the curb) AND YOUR NOSE IN AN UPWARD SLANTING DIRECTION (of the curb). Slide Slide Slide. Then if you can get this part down, coming off of a tailslide is easy -- just lean forward. After you get the hang of it, it rules!
It is important, while you're sliding... that you don't lean back too much because you slip out a LOT on this trick... and you do NOT want to land on the corner of a ledge.

Smith Grind:
Approach the obstacle from a slight angle. It helps to have a little bit of speed to be able to slide well. Hit the tail and ollie onto the obstacle, but turn a little similar to a 180, but not all the way around. The smith grind is kind of between a lipslide and a 50-50. Get your back truck on and point your nose down so your board is sliding as well. Keep your back foot on the tail and your front foot as near to the front bolts as possible. remember to keep some weight on your back foot so that you canslide, because if you put too much weight on your front foot you will stick and fall forward. Also remember not to put too much weight on your back foot, because then you will go into a 5-0 grind and you dont want to do that damnit, because your doing a smith. Slide until youre ready to come off, or until the obstacle ends. If the obstacle ends, simply slide off and adjust your weight level over the board to land and ride away. If it doesnt end, try to do a sort of ollie off the obstacle by hitting your tail and popping off. Land level and ride away.

Barley Grind:
This trick sent to us by an anonymous person.
Well okay, a barley grind is a frontside 180 switch smith grind... To be able to do this trick, you have to learn frontside 180 ollies and switch smith grinds... So here`s the trick: You`re riding parallel to a ledge or curb with a good amount of speed (fast), and try to be as close to the curb as possible, but not too close.Then do a frontside ollie, but be careful not to pop too big, because then yout front truck will fly over the curb.So pop a solid one, and if your done it right, your front truck should be locked in the switch smith grind position.But if your weight is not centered over your front truck you won`t be able to grind.And lean a little bit back. You can help with your other leg by pushing the board to the side of the curb or ledge, this will help to keep your board in the grind position... That`s it, and if you want to see it on video check out the Toy Machine:Welcome to Hell video (if you haven`t seen it!!!) Donny Barley pops a normal and a switch one on a double set stair rails in the video... Then you`ll know why did they name this trick after him.

Feeble Grind:
A feeble is a cross between a 50-50 and a boardslide. Ride up to the obstacle at a slight angle, but not too much. Ollie like youre gonna do a 50-50 but point your front truck over the obstacleso your board is sliding as well. Keep your back foot on the tail and your front foot as near to the front bolts as possible. Remember to keep some weight on your back foot so that you canslide, because if you put too much weight on your front foot you will stick and fall forward. Also remember not to put too much weight on your back foot, because then you will go into a 5-0 grind and you dont want to do that damnit, because your doing a feeble. If the obstacle ends, simply slide off and adjust your weight level over the board to land and ride away. If it doesnt end, try to do a sort of ollie and pivit off the obstacle by hitting your tail and popping off. Land level and ride away.

To do this trick, you should first be able to do basic grinds, and duh, ollie. Nose manualing experience may help. But you could not know how to nose manual and just be an idiot. Go ahead. Ride up to the ledge or rail at a slight angle, as you would for a 50-50. My mommy is tall. Put your front foot near the bolts depending upon how high the ledge is. Ollie and immediately slide your foot up on to the nose and put pressure on it to lock it against the rail or other obstacle. Your board should be crooked on the rail/ledge. This means that unlike a nosegrind where your board is paralel with the grinding edge, your tail (the one sticking up in the air) should be pinting away from the rail as much as possible behind you. The idea is the k-grind is a crooked grind, so it should be crooked. Keep most of your weight on your nose (front foot) and just a little bit on your back foot so you don't sqeek to a stop. Slide as far as is humanly possible. If the ledge ends, simply slide off and level out, but if it doesn't, pivot your front foot until it sildes off. Level out and try to land parralel to the obstacle. Then make sure you watch where you are going, cuz you might ride into a wall and look really stupid.

Blunt Slide:
1) Roll towards the obsticle at a good speed and at an angle between 10 and 35 degrees.
2) Snap the tail and pull your front foot up and in as high as it will go.
3) Bring your back foot up with it but as the obstacle comes beneath you, push your back foot down so that you land on the ledge/curb with your tail down and your board pointing close to vertically.
4) On contact, push your back foot forward and lean back. Compensate this lean by keeping your shoulders straight and forward. This should let you slide.
5) Slide
6) As you near the end of your your slide, put a bit of extra weight on your front foot so that the board tilts to less of a vertical angle. This prepares yopu to be able to snap out of this trick.
7) Push your tail down hard and jump away from the obsticle.
8) Bring your back foot in as close to your body as it will come and pull up and in with your front foot.
9) Push your front foot forward and down while rotaing your ankle.
10) Land cleanly and roll away.
11) Listen to the applause.

Nose Blunt Slide:
Step 1: Practice become farmiliar with frontside 180 ollies and regular ollies.
Step 2: Approach the block at a slight angle. Then ollie to a 90 degre angle sticking your nose into a noseblunt slide position.
Step 3: Keep most of (but not all) of your weight on the nose.
Step 4: Make sure that your body stays facing forward.
Step 5: At the end of the block, give your nose a little nollie - Come out forward or fakie.
Step 6: Ride away cleanly.

Lip Slide:
Do to a lipslide, you may want to be able to first pull off boardslides and 180s.
Ride toward the ledge/rail/object at a substantial speed. Set up your feet like you would for a 180. For a frontside lipslide a frontside 180, and for a backside lipslide a backside 180. (This is different from boardslides where you turn in the frontside direction to perform a backside boardslide and you turn in a backside direction to perform a frontside boardslide). It may be easier to approach the object from a slight angle, but not too much of an angle because it may make it difficult to slide. Ollie and turn a 90 degree angle getting your tail over the object, landing on it in a boardslide position. However, the boardslide position will be contrary to the way you are doing the trick (i.e. frontside or backside) meaning if you are doing a frontside lipslide, you will slide in the same way as a backside boardslide and vice versa. Slide along the object keeping your weight centered. If the object you are sliding on comes to and end, simply turn your body and your board 90 degrees and land on the ground to ride away. However, if the object you are sliding on does not come to an end or you want to come off the object before the end of it, it can be a little more difficult. Apply a more than average weight to your front foot and bend your back knee so that the back wheels don't get caught on the object. Quickly, move the weight back to your back foot to level out the board again. You only let the weight on your front foot so you could pop the back wheels over the object. If you are sliding a ledge, it may help to do a sort of manual off the end of it. That way your nose doesn't go straight into the ground. Land and ride away clean.
1. Alright, first of all I'd like to tell ewveryone that I can do this trick like snap and have a very well understanding. so trust me, it'll work.
2. Alright, place your feet in the ollie position with moderate speed, at a slight angle and ok whatever. people sometimes feel you have to go in a big angle but it doesnt make a big difference.
3. Bend your knees and ollie up, im serious when I say ollie high enough. turn your board backside 90 degrees once it clears the obstacle and center your weight over the middle of the board.
4. Thats really pretty much it, if you can do steps 1, 2 and 3, coming coming of should be pretty natural.

Kickflip Bs 50-50:
1) Approach the object at a speed that you feel comfortable at. If you go slow you will stick and not grind. If you go fast it hurts like hell when you fall. So go at a medium speed.
2) Ride a little away from the object because when you kickflip, the board will rotate to the object because you kick it out that way.
3) kickflip
4) Now catch the board in the air and land to a b/s 50-50.
5) While grinding you have to be quick with your feet because it is very hard to set up your feet to pop out unless you catch the board just perfect.
6) Pop out and show off.

Kickflip Bluntslide:
1. Approach obstacle at 10-30 degrees with your back foot on the kick tail and your front foot about 2-3 inches behind your truck bolts.
2. Kick down on the tail and scoop your front foot as in a kickflip, BUT keep your back foot lower than your front so the board flips on a 45* angle. Catch your board and turn your body and the board to be facing the curb, still on a 45* angle.
3. Land the board nearly vertical with the tail on the curb as in a blunt slide. Slide along and come off the end (see blunt-slide <bluntslide.html>).
4. Watch all spectators lower jaws hit the floor with amazement at your sic trick.
This trick is much more amazing on high obstacles, the higher the better

Dark Slide:
To do a Frontside Darksilde first you need to know how to boardslide, kickflip, and how to do shove-its out of boardslides. Start by aproaching the object (flatbars are the best) as you would for a fronstide boardslide but more room for the ollie. Start by putting your front foot near the bolts (this is so when you kickflip the board will not spin all the way around) next, ollie and do a kickfip. Make sure it only goes half way around, duh! now the hard part. You have to catch your board by the trucks with your feet on the opposite ends of the board. After you manage to do this slide the rail as far as possible. Getting off is no easy task either. I find the best way is to pick up your front foot and move it out and up. The board will then turn rightside up. After this turn your body and come off fakie.(this sounds harder, but trust me, its alot easier this way.) Land with your knees bent and roll away.

Dark Slide Nose Slide:
roll up to your object you want to stall such as a picnic table curb etc, then put your feet into a kickflip position but with your front foot more toward the middle so the board doesn't spin all the way around.
then when your getting close start your kickflip and before your board gets all the way around put your wieght on the nose and the board should be upside down.
now to pop out i squeeze the trucks with my feet and pop the board up and back around and land with my feet on both trucks...sounds easy enough, eh.

Casper Slide:
To do a casper slide, you need a high rail that's square shaped.Ollie, then kickflip your board halfway to make it upside down. Squeeze the front sides of your trucks to hold your board, then slide the board like a 50-50. Try to slide all the way to the end of the pole. When your at the end of the pole, do another kickflip halfway to catch it rightside up. Bend your knees as you land, then roll away.