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Indy Grab:
1. Roll slow, unless you are going off a ramp or something high.
2. Ollie and pop as hard as you can.
3. Crouch down low when you are going up in the air.
4. When you are at the top of your ollie grab the right side (left if you are goofy) of the board.
5. Hold until you are about to touch the ground.
6. Land with your knees bent to absorb the shock
7. Ride Away

Air Walk:
1.aproach the stairs like a bat outa hell.
2.Get your self in the ollie position.
3. Ollie like you had a fire cracker up yo' ass.
4. While in the air take your feet nearly all the way off the board but keep your toe on heelside edge and your heel on the toe side edge.
5.KEEP THE BOARD LEVEL!!!!!!!! If the board flips your dead.
6.As you see mother earth returning into view slide oyur feet onto the bolts and bend your knees.
8. Slag off your mates for being so shit at sk8ing that they wouldn't dare try this trick.
This trick is for the really advanced only. I have snapped two decks and broken a shin doing this trick wrong. But if you do it right you'll defintly pull in the betties. Skate hard.

Early Grab:
as you approach something you're gonna jump/ride off of, reach down and grab the deck any way you see fit.
apply pressure to your tail to keep your front end up as you catch air.
in the air let go of the board.