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Nose Stall:
There are two ways to do the nose stall: the lame way, and the cool way.
Okay, the lame way. Ride towards a curb, or maybe even something lower for those of you who REALLY suck (No offense). Anyway, you ride towards it, do a manual and lift your front wheels in the air. As you approach the lame object, try to get your nose a little bit higher than level with the lip of the object. As your nose gets onto it, apply pressure to the nose and take pressure off of the tail and "stall" on the nose. Wow! You're good! Now, keeping the pressure on the nose, nidge your way off of the lame object (i.e. slide the nose off of the curb). Land on all four wheels back on the lame asphault.
Now for the cool way. (The only way §mith or Feeble would do it.) First ride slowly towards the obstacle, probably a curb if you are learning. Keep your back foot like you would for the ollie. Keep your front foot like you would for the ollie also except move it forward so it is on two of the bolts (close to the nose). When you get close to the object, maybe a foot or two, ollie! Land with your nose on the curb and simultaneously apply pressure. Stall. When you want to come off, slide your nose off and land on the ground. Tough eh? Hehe.

Tail Stall:
This is Smith talking. I'm going to be talking about a 180 to tail stall. Also a switch ollie to tail stall. Because, those are the ones I can do.
The first trick, a 180 to tail stall requires that you be able to ollie and 180. So learn those first. And it would be helpful if you could do an ollie nose stall.
The first thing that you do is ride towards the object, (hopefully for your first time it will be a curb, or something of the nature) at a slow pace. A little bit faster than you would for an ollie nose stall.
Then wind up for your 180, a little bit more than usual. And always keep your eyes on the target place where you want to land on your tail.
Hit your tail, ollie, and unwind, twisting your body and swinging around your legs in a 180.
As you're swinging around jutt out your back foot, the one that started off on the tail. Then slide your back foot up onto the tail, if its not already on it. Aim it for the curb/other obstacle and try to land right on it.
Try to keep your weight even. Don't go to fast while approaching the obstacle or you will get the tail on, and then fall over onto the other side of the curb from too much momentum.
Stay on the curb for a second or two to show everyone that you have successfully done the stall. (i.e. stall.) Then, try to shift your tail off the curb and land on the ground with all four wheels at once. (i.e. tail drop the curb.) What you have to do is slide your tail off by shifting your weight correctly. This is a difficult concept to explain, so I'm going to hope that you got it already.
Next, the switch ollie to tail stall, is much like an ollie to nose stall except well... its switch. What you have to do, is put your front foot way up towards the nose and cover two of the bolts with your front foot. Then try to ollie and if you aren't that good at switch ollies, it's okay, just hit your tail and then push down on the front of your nose. Then aim it for the curb. When you stall on it, just come off the same way as I explained on the 180 tail stall above.
Practice practice practice. It might help if you practiced more than reading about it.

50-50 Stall:
1) learn how to do ollies, and 180 ollies.
2)Approach the curb, rail, ledge, etc., straight on at a decent speed.
3) Ollie and turn 90 degrees(frontside or backside) at a fair distance away from the object.
4) Land with both trucks on the object, keep you weight centered, and balanced. Might help to lean a bit forward, so you won't fall off your board.
5) Stall
6) When you're ready to come out of the stall, hit your tail, ollie, and turn from 45 to 90 degrees.
7) When you land, bend your knees, and ride away.

Board Stall:
In this case, we're talking about on a curb. Basically, you have to be an idiot not to be able to do this. You just sort of ride towards the curb slowly and ollie and land on the edge of the curb, with one truck up on top of the curb, and one hanging off. If you are doing this on higher things, it can be useful to get up. Just ollie, land in the position, then put your foot on your nose and push yourself up onto the ledge/obstacle. Generally this trick is seen more on vert. See the vert section for a "Rock 'n Roll stall.

Blunt Stall:
1.Slowly roll up to a curb, step, parking block,
about anyiting that you could grind on.
(it is hard to do this going fast)
2.Lean back a little, and ollie.
3.Land between the back truck and tail
on whatever you want to stall on,do a
noze grab as you land.(your board should
be at near a 45% angle.)
4.Hold for a second.
5.To get off jump backwards and pull
your board under your feet, by the noze
with your grabbing hand.(this may take
some practice)
hint-if land wrong you will fall, and
look like an ass.
hint-it takes a little practice to do this
on rails, without falling over the other

Pop Shuv It Nose Stall:
1. Learn how to do pop-shuvs well, then you should learn nose stalls(hopefully you already know how),tail stalls will also hell but if you don't yet now how don't wory this trick can only help
2. Now start out going slow but =still rolling along and bust a nice pop-shuv and try to and on the nose this is hard at first so dont wory if you dont get it a first
3. Once you lock into it lean forward alot and then lean back and drop off the object as if you would do to get out of a nose or tail stall

Heel Flip Blunt Stall:
I. Okay. Skate towards a curb or whatever however fast you want blah blah blah...
II. When you're like a foot or so from the object, do a heelflip, but pop the tail alot and kick your front foot out more than down. You want the board to spin like a 45 degree angle to the ground or whatever. And when you tuck up your feet or whatever you do, keep them at the angle the board is at so you don't level it out when you catch it.
III. Catch the board, but when you do it put like 80% of your weight on the tail. This'll keep the nose in the air. If you got the timing and all right, then you should land in a blunt stall.
IV. Get out of the stall however you normally do. some people fastplant out, some ollie out. Whatever. This isn't too hard if you can already blunt.

Casper Stall To Hospital Flip:
1. you ride comfortably at your own pace on flat land
2. place your feet like you would do a kickflip, but put your foot in towards the opposite side more (helps to do less of a kickflip)
3. start a kickflip and let it go half way
4. catch the board with your front foot, under the board in about the middle and your back foot on the tail and balance
5. hold that for a second or two and then kick your front foot out like you were trying to 360 flip and lift up your back foot
6. jump high enough to clear the board and let it rotate the desired degrees (ie 180, 360, 540 even)
7 land on your deck and ride away