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To pump on a halfpipe, you must first get at the bottom of the ramp with your skateboard underneath you. Give yourself a push to get going. As you move towards one of the sides, bend your knees and as you go up, unbend your knees, to get your momentum moving up. As you begin to come back down, bend you knees again and right as you get to the bottom of the transition, unbend your knees quickly and try to push your board, right through the ramp. (Not really, but sometimes its easier to think about it this way.) Then as you have more speed and are approaching the other side, repeat the process as you ascend the transition.
If you want, these same technique's can be applied to any very ramps, as soon as you get the feeling on a half-pipe, you can do it on a quarter pipe, or other ramp easily. It comes in a lot of handy at the skate park.
If you can't do this, you are a pathetic loser, period.

Dropping in:
1. Find a small 1/2 pipe ( 3 or 4 foot)
2. Place your tail on the coping ( so your trucks and wheels are flush against it)
3. Place your back foot on the tail and put your front foot just behind the front bolts, while keeping your weight on your back foot.
4. Lean forward, keeping weight on your front foot until tour reach the flat part.
Don't worry if you stack it, keep trying.
Guys have been seriously hurt by not putting enough of their weight on their front foot.

Get pumping on the half pipe, or approach the quarter pipe or whatever. When you come up and get to the peak of your rise, push down slightly on your tail and swing your nose around so it is pointing back down the ramp you just ascended. Put the front truck back down and ride down the ramp. It is good if you keep your weight basically the same as if you were just going to go down fakie, which you should already know how to do. And when you are rotating your board, try to stay right above it. Do it smoothly. Ride away clean. Pump off the bottom of the ramp as you go back down, to make it look good.

Rock N' Roll:
After you have learned how to drop in on a halfpipe, approach the coping with your back foot on the tail (normal) and your front foot about on the first two bolts of the front truck. Get enough speed and push down on your tail to lift your nose a little to get your front truck over the coping. Once you get your front truck over the coping, put some weight on your front foot to lift the tail in the air. You should be in sort of a boardslide position, but not moving. Lean back by putting your back truck back on the ramp again. Lift the nose as you slide back into the ramp fakie. Make sure you get your front truck isn't caught up on the coping. Lean back and put your front truck down on the ramp. Roll back into the ramp in the fakie position and set up for your next trick.

Tail Stall:
This trick is done while riding fakie. Make sure you are high enough that you can stall on the tail.If you are pumping a good rule of thumb is if your front wheels almost hit coping then its safe to do a tail stall on the other end. To do a tail stall simply apply pressure to the tail and shift your weight upward and onto the tail. You will end up like you are going to drop in. To land a tail stall simply drop back in. If you are having trouble doing this trick just tap your tail instead of doing a complete stall. It will help you get the hang of it.

Blunt To Fakie:
Ride up the ramp with moderate speed - a little but more than if you were going to do a 50-50 stall. Make sure your foot is on the tail. Do not try to ollie into this at first. It's much harder. Once you have them down, then work on trying to ollie into it.
Lean back with the transition and lift up on your nose. Keep your nose in the air and keep leaning back until you fell your back wheels hit the coping. Push them over it quickly, just use your momentum. If you put your nose down too early you will do a rock-and-roll, but it only takes practice to get your trucks over. Once you hit your trucks over, make sure you are not completely straight up. once you get them down, work on that more.
At first, you should keep a little room so that you are able to hit your tail when coming out. To hit your tail, give it a snap against the part of the ramp that you are riding on. It is kinda hard to get down, but you can actually ollie pretty high out of these. It just takes practice.
Once you ollie out, keep the board on your feet and land going down the ramp.
Be sure to compensate for the transition. Ride away fakie and pump off the transition to set up for a trick on the other side of the ramp.

Fakie Disaster Stall:
get an adequate pump as you approach the lip.
as you near the lip, push down on the tail and sorta "drag" it to slow you down and to get your front wheels above the copeing.
once your front end is past the copeing shift your weight toward the deck (while keeping the board vertical) until you are stalling on the backside of your rear trucks (with your tail flush against the vert part of the ramp).
to get out of this position, shift your weight away form the deck until your rear wheel are back on the ramp, then push down on the nose to go into a rock-and-roll position, then end it like a rock-and-roll.
in other words, go up the ramp, stall on the tail of your board like you overdid a rock-and-roll stall, then rock it and roll back down the ramp fakie. you know?