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Old School
180 disco finger flip:
1. Ride at a good pace, flatland
2. Hop off board, landing parallel to and facing your board
3. Reach down, place fingertips under edge of board
4. Jump up in the air, at the same time, snap your fingers up, causing the board to flip around in a "kickflip" type manner
5. While in the air,turn 180 backside
6. Land on the board with knees bent, kinda leaning away from the toe side
7. Make sure not to land to hard, or the board will tip over, knocking you off like a dumbass
8. Ride away, looking at the spectators knowing you just pulled a mad sic oldschool trick
Looks best and is its phattest when done off of a curb or ledge, the higher, the flyer

This is an old school trick thought up by Justin Wesley and a friend, Steve "Rico Suave" Jordan.
Boni-Oni (bone-ee-o-nee) The Boni-Oni looks its best when applied to a ledge or something with a dropoff. Can get you mad props if you pull a "too sic for us" 360º Boni-Oni.
1. Ride at a good pace
2. Lean back, on your back foot, and kinda pull your front foot off the board as you hop off of it with your back foot.
3. The board should kinda shoot out from underneath you, in an upwards direction.
4. Catch the nose of the board with your front hand as it is flying into the air.
5. At the same time you are catching the board, step forward with your front foot and jump off of it into the air with your board.
6. Spin around 180º backside
7. While in the air and spinning around, slip the board underneath your feet and let go of it.
8. Land on the ground in your switch stance, and coast away to victory, knowing yet again, that you pulled a mad old school trick.

Peg Leg Drunked Pirate:
1.ride toward object at comfy pace, at 45 degree angle
2.olie pull your front foot back to the center of the board
4.turn your board like your going to boardslide you land, bend the knee of yor front leg and kick yourself in the ass. as your foot hits your ass grab it
6.slide you near the end of your slide release your foot and put it back on your kick tail
8.after you land, turn and flip your audience off, cuz you know they cant do it

I. Skate. Learn this moving because it sucks if you learn it still, then have to relearn it moving. Have your front foot just behind the front truck bolts.
II. Reach your front hand down and grab the heel edge of the board sorta behind your front foot. You should be a little bent over. Take it.
III. Take your back foot off the board and slam it onto the ground in front of you (on the toe side). Use this to jump off the ground, keeping the board under you with your front hand. This will be sort of hard at first, since you can't really get a strong extension with being bent over, but you'll get the hang of it.
IV. Tuck up your back foot and put it back on the board, then release the grab and extend your legs slightly (push the board towards the ground). Do this really fast. Pushing the board down is really important, 'cause I didn't once and my knees slammed into my chest and I hurt like a bitch. An' it'll hurt you too, so shut up.
Once you get this down, you'll be going pretty high. I can do this higher than I can ollie, but I can only ollie like 2.5 feet. Don't be a wus and land one footed, 'cause then you'll build up this fear of landing with both feet on and you'll never get it. Uh, good luck (?).
Oh yeah, to do this backside grab the toe edge of the board and kick the ground behind you. I can't do this, but I'm sure it's possible.

Boneless 180:
position your feet over the frontand back set of screws and roll along gently. as you roll, put your hand down and grab the board in front of you, and then take the front foot off and act like you were about to push off mongo-footed. instead of pushing off, though, lift yourself off the ground with the one foot and then take your foot from off the ground and put it up onthe board. rotate 180 degrees in either the frontside or backside motion (whichever you prefer). remember to hold the boardgrab throughout the whole trick. then, after turning the full 180 degrees, land and roll away. this trick looks the phattest when it is executed the quickest.

Fast Plant:
this trick is done whil approaching an obstacle. Let us use the curb in this example since it is a rather low obstacle. first ollie as you approach the obstacle as if you planned to ollie over it. do a board grab, and then take your back foot off the board and plant it squarely on the curb. then, do a little hop off the curb with your back foot and then pull yuour back foot back onto the board before you land and roll away. this trick looks the coolest when it is done on higher objects, such as a bench.

Bs Showtime Rossary:
1. Ride alongat a comfortable pace looking as dope as possible.
2. Have your feet positioned like you are ready to nollie.
3. Do a small nollie
4. Catch the board behind your back with your left hand.
5. Spin the board a 180 towards your body.
6. Land on the board cleanly.
7. Take a corn dog out of your sock and say "Out of my Jerk Ass".

All Up on your Grill:
1.First go at a comfortable pace with your pants down to moon lots of people (you might want to go fast though).
2.Get in the ollie position but with your foot a little farther back than in the middle.
3.Pop up the board and catch on the nose with your hand. (In this trick you only take one step)
4.Spin the board under you in a pop-shuv-it type manner (360 degrees) in any direction.
5.Land smoothly, and throw up your hands in the West-side position and then Pull your pants up.
6. If you think you're cool try a 180 with your body, it looks "tight as can be."

Yag-er 180 Tail Stall:
1.Once again ride along with your pants down so you can moon the people. (And go at a comfortable pace).
2.Pop your board up and grap the nose.
3.Take a big jump while turning the board 180 still holding on to the nose.
4.Put the tail of the board on the bench and you should land on the board with your foot (So it just looks like a tail stall).
5. Grab the nose of the board and step off of the bench a jump down and land on the board (Or do a pop shuv-it or a 180 or something).
6. Land that "mug" cleanly and then pull up your pants, pull out a cocanut from your sock and eat it whole, with your hands in the west side position.
7.This trick is also "as tight as can be".

1)Roll at what ever speed in an ollie position.
2)Ollie, but do not level your board. Let it pop up into your catching hand.
3)At the same time you should be kick out your FRONT foot off the toe rail, while your back foot stays on the back.
4)Let go of nose land and roll away.
Variations: You can also kick your front foot off the heel rail. (i dont what that is called) Some people also tweek their board in the air so that their tail is almost infront of you and you are pulling your nose toward the back of you.

No Comply Variation #1:
1)Roll up to a parking block
2)Slide your front foot off the heel rail of your board and onto the parking block.
3)While that foot is on the block, slightly pop and pull your board onto and over the parking block with your back foot still on the tail.
4)This pops the board into the air...and may hit your thigh for extra height.
5)Right as your board pops off the block, jump off the block with the front foot (that was still on it) land and ride away.

No Comply Variation #2:
1) Do your basic front side 180 nocomply.
2) Land in the position of a fakie manual and..
3) pull your board and body back the way you just came from (which is just doing a 180 backside turn)
Variations: The nocomply has countless variations that are all awesome.
A)In the example above while turning back in step 3 also a shuv it. (which means when you land your tail will be in front and you'll be standing normal.
B)In step 3 instead of turning back the way you came, finish the frontside rotation.(which be a front side 180 nocomply with a front side 180 pivot (turn) )

Split Kick:
1)Roll at any speed, most likely fairly fast, In your ollie possition.
2)tap down on your tail but do not level out your ollie, let the nose pop straight up into your catching hand.
3)While your in the air grabbing the nose of your board you split your legs...your front foot kicks out on the toe rail....and you back foot kicks out on your heel rail.
4) Let go of the nose, evening out your board and land.
**this should not be done with your pants down. Variations: If you can kick your legs twice before you land (once in both directions) you are doing an "AIRWALK"