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Body Varial:
This is the simplist trick we can think of. If you cannot do this trick, e-mail us and we'll arrange to have your board taken away.
Jump into the air and turn halfway around. Yeah you heard us right. Well... you don't usually do this trick on it's own. You can add it on to other tricks to make them more "spiffy". For example: "kickflip body varial" would be a kickflip with a 180 degree turn of the body.
Can't say much more about this trick.

The ollie is the basis of almost every trick there is. The ollie is performed by a number of fairly simple steps:
1. Stand on your board. You should have one foot on the tail (back) of your board. The other foot goes in the middle. Simple enough? Just wait.
2. Hit you tail. This is the gentle way of saying smash your tail into the ground with most or all of your might.
3. As you are "smashing", jump into the air off your smashing foot.
4. Lift up your front foot into the air.
5. Lift up your back foot into the air.
TIP!!! Both of your lifting feet should come up at pretty much the same time. Your back foot should follow your front foot upward.
TIP!!! A common mistake is not to lift up your back foot and keep it straight. It is important that you do so.
6. Get the board level in the air. Do this by catching up your back foot with your front foot.
7. Stay on your board and land. When you come down bend your knees to cushion your landing.
Congrats. You did it. We think. It seems tough but keep your chin up, practice, practice, practice, and you'll do okay. If you think you are learning slow, just... don't think it any more. These things take time for almost everyone, EXCEPT §mith and Feeble. And don't you forget it.
Ollie -- "Better Explained"
1)stand on the board with your back foot on the tail and your front foot in the middle of the deck.
2)crouch down til your hands are almost touching the ground
3)slam down on the tail while sliding the blade of your front foot up torwards the tail.
4)jump up off your back foot and tuck both knees into your chest.
5)extend your legs slightly to prepare for the shock of the landing.
6)land and absorb the force in your legs.
7)ride off.
*try to do steps 3 and 4 at almost the same time.
*learn this while moving because it sucks if you learn it still then have to learn it all over again moving.
*when you land keep your body centered over the board that way it doesn't fly out from under neath you and make you look gay.
*practice it alot.

Fs 180 Ollie:
As you can probobly tell from the name (Unless you're stupid.), it is imperitive that you learn the ollie first.
The First thing you have to do is prepare for the ollie. Then windup by reaching with your leading hand, across your chest and squat down.
Ollie. As you ascend (go up), unwind (i.e. untwist your body)! As you turn your feet should bring your board around with you.
After you have turned 180 degrees (half-way around) frontside, land.
Skate Hard.

Bs 180 Ollie:
The Backside 180 ollie is not much different than the frontside 180 ollie, in that, you're still turning a 180, but you are turning forwards instead of backwards.
To learn the backside 180 ollie, it is recomended that you learn the ollie and the frontside 180 ollie first. Once learned you may attempt the trick.
When doing the backside 180 ollie, you would need to rely on your windup a lot more than that of the frontside 180 ollie. You must windup as muchas possible, and then release that windup and spin 180 with the board.
If you have a lot of trouble with spinning all the way around, try doing half-cabs instead. They are easier for some people.

Ollie Manual:
In order to learn the ollie manual, it is painfully obvious that you must learn the ollie, and the manual first. Darn!
An ollie manual is the act of ollieing and landing on your two back wheels and balencing on them for a distance.
The best way I know to learn this is to pop a tiny ollie, as though you are ollieing over a crack, and don't level out the board. Land on your back wheels and try to be in the position you are in when you manual when you land.
One thing I know is that you should not try to learn this in place. Some people learn it moving fast, some people learn it moving rather slowly, but hardly any can successfully learn it standing still. You may need to try fast ans slow. Experiment with it and have fun. Don't get pissed off if you don't pull it the first try! Skate Hard.

Ollie Nose manual:
To do an Ollie Nose Manual, you should first be able to do both ollies and nose manuals consistently.
Set up for an ollie with your front foot near the nose of the board. (How far from the nose you wish to put it is up to you. Keep in mind that if you are trying to do this trick on a ledge or other high object, you need to be able to ollie high enough to get onto it, so you might not want to put your front foot too far towards the nose.) Do an ollie while sliding your front foot forward and onto the nose. Push the nose down faster than the tail so that the tail is sticking up in the air and the nose is pointed into the ground. Be sure not to point the nose too drastically into the ground as you only want the wheels to be touching the ground and not the actual nose of the board. Keep your weight balanced over the nose in a nose manual position. When you are ready to finish the nose manual or you come to the end of the ledge/object, there are two different ways you can come out of it. If you are coming off of an object, you may want to push the nose over it quickly so that the back trucks don't hit the object as you come off. You if you, it takes off a lot of style and doesn't look nearly as good. If you are not on an object simply put more weight on your back foot and lean back a little bit until your back wheels hit the ground. Be sure not to put too much weight no your back foot because you might slip out. When you are finished, keep your balance and ride away.

In order to learn the kickflip, it is necessary that you learn the ollie.
Now that you have learned it, I want you to get on your board in an ollie stance. Okay, we're going to have to alter this stance a little. Take you front foot and put it right before the front bolts. Now turn it 45 degrees. The ball of your back foot should be in the middle of your tail.
Now to actually do the trick. First you gotta pop down your tail real hard, just like an ollie, so you begin to get off the ground.
As you rise, you should slide your foot the way you do for an ollie, but you want to slide off the heel edge of your board also.
Now you better have your feet outta the way. However you gotta do it, do it.
Wait for the board to spin around, and stay well above it. When it comes around bring your feet back in and catch it. The best place for your feet to catch the board is right on top of all the bolts. You want to "catch" or "grab" it in the air with your feet, and then bend your knees a little because the ground is coming.
When your board hits the ground (and you should be on it at this point...), you need to use your legs like shocks on a car, and obsorbe the landing.
Ride away looking cool, because you just did one of the harder basic tricks to master.

Sex Change:
This is a good trick to learn after you have learned how to kickflip and your to lazy to learn how to heel flip.
1. Start out with you feet in the normal position to kickflip.
2. Now smash the board down and do a kickflip but be sure to get high above the board.
3. Then while the board is spinning do a body varial and land it.
4. Try to land with both feet covering the bolts.
5. Ride away and see if the stupid person watching you even noticed the difference.

Pop Shuvit:
Before you attempt this trick, as for most tricks, you ought to know the ollie first.
The first thing you need to do is give it a "pop" (Slam down on that tail.) Now "shove-it" around with your front foot so that the board turns a 180, but you stay in the same place. You ought to learn it standing in place first, and then learn it fakie. After that you can attempt it moving forward.
You can place your feet in different positions for this trick. It all depends on you. my buddy Rob puts his feet sort of the way you would for a kickflip. I put one foot about on the middle facing straight forward and the other facing straight forwad on the tail.
Remember when you do it to jump forward. Because if you just spin out the board and stay in the same place, your board will just fly out and you will look stupid.

Note: There are different ways to do this, we will just explain our way. We're not perfect, and it's not normal. If you want perfect, go somewhere else.
Keep your back toe on the center of the tail. Your front foot should be at a little bit more than a 45 degree angle. It should be in the center of the board with your toe hanging over the toe edge.
Hit the tail. As you do this, slide your front foot forward at an angle and just before it hits the nose, bend your foot/angle it and flip the board over the toe edge with the toe of your foot. Jump.
Wait for the board to rotate. When it comes around, bring knees up and stop it with your feet.
When you land, as with the kickflip, don't look like a dumbass.
Ride away all siclike. Hell yeah

Varial Flip:
It is essential that you know the pop shove-it and kickflip before attempting this sic trick. Then you will be cool to go for it.
The best way to put your feet is with your back foot on the toe edge of the tail, and with your front foot at about a 45 degree angle and your toe on the heel edge. It should be about 2 or 3 inches from the bolts.
This whole thing is simultaneous. Hit the tail (duh.). Push your back foot to the heel edge like a pop shove-it. Slide your front foot forward and towards the edge, flipping the board. Try to keep your board underneath your feet. Try to keep your feet out of the way while it is flippin' around. Then when it has turned a 180 and flipped "catch the board", as in get your feet back into the normal position for riding in the air. Got all that dummy?
Land and keep your weight centered or else you will slip out and look like a dumbass, unless you already are a dumbass, in which case you will look like a real dumbass.
Okay, if you didn't look like a dumbass, ride away cool, knowing that you did a really sic flip trick.

In order to do the nollie you must become quite formiliar with the switch-stance ollie. Then you should begin riding normal (If you're goofy ride goofy and if regular then ride accordingly). As you are moving, set up your feet for a switch ollie off the nose follow directions of an ollie except off the nose.

Nollie Flip:
1) Set up going forward just like you do a kickflip, but in the nollie position.
2) You should already know how to nollie and flip the board, nollie.
3) Before you try landing them going nollie, try switch kickflips on carpet or on grass.
4) Once you can land them, try them going nollie.
5) Hit the nose and flip the board whichever way you feel most comfortable.
6) It helps to jump really high to have more accuracy when you land on the board.
7) Balance your weight and ride away. Don't slip out. It hurts!

Other Nollie Variations:
Nollie to Grind:
Ride parallel to the curb or other object. When you feel comfortable nollie. When you get into the air, you should level out the board quickly or else you will eat it. You definately do not want that. Hurts. Then do your best to land on your trucks on the edge of the curb. Keep your weight balenced and land smooth.
Nollie Shove-it
Ride at a comfortable speed. When you are ready, pop your nose like any nollie trick, then as you lift from the ground shove the board around to catch it and land smooth. Hence the name: Nollie Shove-it.
Nollie 360 Shove-it
Before you attempt this trick, learn the freakin' normal nollie shove-it k? Alright. Then all you gotta do is kick harder and jump harder. Land it smooth. Ride away clean.
Nollie to Kickflip
This is a completely different trick than a nollie kickflip. In this trick you nollie, then flip the board with your front foot like it was a normal kickflip. It is very very similar to a nollie pressure flip. To do the trick, nollie real high. When you begin to level out the board slide back with your front foot and kick in down. Then get your feet outta the way. When it comes around catch it like a kickflip. Land. Ride. Very difficult but keep on tryin'.

The following two tricks sent to us by Joshua Fletcher <>. Thanks Josh.
Nollie Blindside
When doing this trick get in the nollie position and face ur head over your right shoulder (if natural). Nollie, then when ur in the air turn the board to the right. Try and get it right around and land smoothly.
Nollie Heelflip
To do this trick position your front foot halfway on the nose. Put ur back foot just before the back bolts, with the toe just over the edge and the heel just over the edge. Pop the nollie and flick ur foot out and quickly bring it back in.
Nollie Grab BoardPlant
This trick is good for changing stances and/or direction quickly and with some phat stylin' flair, too. It's eas to do, and you can change from fakie to regular stance or vice-versa. Whatever. Here's how we break it down:
1)Ride flatland kinda medium-slow paced.
2)Get in your nollie stance.
3)Push down on your nose, like you're doing a nollie, but slide your toe off the end of the board and hold it while bustin' this dope trick. This way, you have traction with the ground with your shoe and you should stop right away.
4)As the board suddenly starts to flip up, grab your tail and kick your back foot out in front or to the side, whatever you can do. Keep your weight back or you'll go flying forward without a board. Plus, you'll look like a 100% genuine dumbass poser who has no skill like the Beebster.
5)While you stop the board and grab it WITH your weight back, pull your back foot back onto the board and ride off in the other direction. You will have to build your speed back up because it is hard to roll back fast out of this trick unless you stopped while going uphill.
6)Roll away all smooth-like, while givin' up the props to the Beebster for blessing you with the knowledge to outskate your most formidable opponent.
To mix this trick in with anything else and make it the phattest ever, you can:
*do it coming out of a nose stall
*spin it 180 or as you approach a ledge(for the truly sick) pull it, 180 around and ollie off the ledge.

360 Pop Shuvit:
This trick is actually pretty tough. You ought to know how to do regular pop shove-its and at least be able to kickflip and stuff.
You'll have to try putting your feet a few different ways. The best way is to put your feet kind of like an ollie and scoot your front foot towards your back a bunch. The most important thing is to keep the board from flipping, so you don't land prematurely or overmaturely.
Hit your tail and swing your back foot back. Jump. You want to use the power in your back foot for it.
Try to shoot it around fast and grab it with your feet. You might have to jump forward to catch it like a 360 flip (if you can't do this trick, you might want to try a 360 flip.)

360 Flip:
To do a 360 flip, you should first be able to do a varial flip and 360 Pop Shove-it. First put your back foot on the back right edge of the board (back left edge if you are goofy) and put it at an angle so it is on the very edge of the tail. Then put your front foot a couple inches towards you from the middle of the board and then slant your foot the same way you did on your back foot. Now it's time to do the trick.
Set up bend your knees and hit your tail while sliding your front foot forward. Through your back foot behind you as quickly as you can as you hit your til spinning the board till it rotates all the way around. While doing this slide your front foot off the edge of the board using your toe to flip it. Your board does not have to go high just as long as it gets around. You can work on the hieght later. Once it has finished rotating catch the board with your feet and land on it. That's pretty much it. Oh yeah, and then ride away. Bet you didn't do it. If you did, good job.

Bs Half Cab:
Alright, before you try the trick, know how to ollie, etc. like I say everytime. What a halfcab is, is a fakie (riding backwards) 180. Backside, believe it or not, is turning towards your front in a 180. So turn so that your front foot is heading towards the front of you, not the back of you.
What to do is to ride backwards at a comfortable pace, then hit your tail, jump and spin in the previously indicated direction while rotating your legs. Your body should be leading and your legs should be coming right along with you.
Make sure that you don't bail, and that you try to pull it the first try. Always stay above your board.
Land, and you'll be riding forwards.

Fs Half Cab Flip:
To perform a frontside halfcab flip, you must first be able to do frontside flips fairly well. Place your feet in a normal stance for a frontside flip. It may be easier if you put your front foot farther up. This will help with balance. Do this trick the same way you would for a frontside flip only lnstead of landing fakie land in your regular stance.

Bs Half Cab Flip:
1. Start out by riding in fakie position with a good amount of speed.
2. The ball of your back foot should be on the edge of the tail and your front foot should be in the middle of the board with the front half of your foot on just like a varial flip.
3. Crouch down to get power but make sure you don't lose your balance.
4. Slap your tail down and bring your back foot under you to make it spin 180. At the same time kick your front foot off the side just enough to get it to spin. Remember, when you make the board flip, try to keep your feet above the board and don't flip it too hard.
5. During all of that, spin yourself backside 180. It's very important that you turn all the way 180.
6. When you and the board are finished spinning, land and keep going.
Thank you kindly Alex.

This trick, along with the Half Cab, was invented by a professional skateboarder, Steve Cabalero.
A cabalero is a fakie (riding backwards) 360. Your body and board ollie, and then turn all the way around in the air.
Ride fakie. The easier way is to try this backside. Hit your tail, jump high, and swing your body around 360 as fast as you can. Your feet and board follow closely behind you. Try not to let your board flip under your feet.
Land. If you did it right, you'll be riding fakie again. Just remember, you have to spin real fast.

Cabalero Flip:
Not neccessarily fakie. (A 360 flip and a 360 body varial the same way.)
Also sometimes known as a Chicago Flip.
1. Place your back foot on the tail of to the edge a little bit *(if you skate regular, your right foot on the top edge part of the tail, switch is the exact opposite).
2. Place your front foot in a kickflip position.
3. Crouch for power*, and snap the tail and kick it hard behind you *(when crouching, if you notice pros they move their front foot back a little bit before they flip it. Its easier that way).
4. Give the board kickflipping action by kicking the board hard, but not to hard as to over-rotate the spin.
5. Try and stay above the board and watch it spin underneath you.
6. When you see the grip tape, aim your feet towards it and land anyway you can - you can perfect that later.
7. at the point where you pop the board, begin a frontside armswing and go for it. You must spin a full 360 and land.
on the board. Yeah I know, it sounds impossible but just stick with it and you'll have it down in about two weeks.

Big Spin:
A big spin is a 360 pop shove-it with a backside body varial. OR... a backside 180 with an extra pop shove-it.
To do a big spin you should first know how to do backside 180's and pop shove-it's. Once you can do those you should be ready to attempt a big spin. Even though a big spin sounds hard, it really isn't
You should first try a big spin riding fakie (backwards). Ride fakie. Then wind up your body like you are going to backside half-cab. Then ollie and unwind. As you spin around towards your stomach and are about to land kick your board ian the same direction you are spinning. In other words you should make the board continue its previous spin and speed up faster than you are so that it spins another 180 really quickly before you land it.
Ride away cleanly.

Big Spin Flip:
(A 360 flip and a body varial the same way.)
Also sometimes known as a Big Spin Kickflip.
1. Ride really fast.
2. Put your feet the same as a 360 flip.
3. Turn your upper body in a backside 180 and when in 90 degrees pop a 360 flip but dont lose your turning momentum. Its important that you wind up your body and not begin the flip trick until you have already begun to spin your body and your body has turned 90 degrees. I.e. You feet are following your upper body around. Your upper body is not following your feet.
4. Land with style.
5. You must have as much momentum as possible when turning.
6. Now do it into a nose bluntslide.

For a hard flip, place your back foot on the tail and your front foot pointed somewhat forward near the heel edge. Hit the tail while sliding your front foot off of the board making it seem to come straight up at you. It will look like it is going to do a flip and land upside down, but with practice you will learn to make it perform a half-flip and land on its wheels. (You may want to try this without trying to land it the first couple of times.) At the same time, you will want to be rotating your body 90º in the frontside direction letting the board flip between your legs. When the board has finished rotating, rotate your body back to your normal stance and catch the board before it hits the ground. Land and ride away clean.

Heel Hardflip:
1.Roll along at a moderate speed with your back foots toes and ball of
the foot on the the edge (like for a popshuvit). Your front foot should
be just about anywhere from the middle of the board to towards the front
truck bolts.

2. Pop the tail hard an sort of jump forward, to allow the board to flip
around without you knackering yourself.

3.When its flipped around try and put you feet on it and roll away.

Note- this trick is fuckin hard to land so just keep at it and dont
smash your board or anythin'!
Thats it fellas, if you don't have a name for this trick its called a
phobia flip.

Ollie Impossible:
The ollie impossible is a hard trick to master but once you master it all your friends will think that you are the pimp so read this! The first thing to know about this trick is that you can roll at any speed to accomplish this trick. You will place your front foot either right in front of the nose or way back where you would put it if you were to do a 360 flip. If you are a beginner you should place your foot right in front of the nose, advanced riders should do the other method. Your back foot should be placed on the tip of the tail and your toes should hang off the tip of it. You don't really pop your board like an ollie but sort of drag the tail momentarily on the ground and make contact with your toes and the ground. With your front foot all you do is kick it way out of the way otherwise you'll screw up your ankles when you land on the side of the board. by this point your board should be almost on it's side. Now you will sweep your back foot under you and make the board flip around your foot. The board will do a 360 and should be touching your foot the whole time. After the board is done rotating bring your front foot back to tip the board back so that it is no longer flipping around on its side. The board should now be under your feet and you are landing on the ground. Now go and tell all of your friends about it.

This version was sent to us by Matt <>. Thanks Matt.
to do the ollie impossible, you must first practice snaping your board flat on the ground and in the air, it should be looping around on your foot and getting it back on the ground with no must also learn to do an ollie with a flip 180 or hard trick 2-3 ft. off the ground...
here's the procedure:
1) ride cool and relaxed ate a comfortable speed
2) get to your ollie position
3) snap the board like an ollie but in the air do not even the board out
4) take your front foot off the board so the oard on its way up stays horizontal
5) now do what you practiced before in the air with the foot
6) now catch the board with the other foot
7) even the board out
8) land smoothly
9) ride away knowing hat anyone else who watched were j thinking "DAMN PHAT MOTHERFUCKING TRICK!!!!! HE is goooOOD man...."
KEEP IN MIND: you must learn to ollie very high before doing this trick, it took me 6 months to learn this trick by myself... if you miss it in front of a big crowd...then i'd GET THE HELL OUT of there fast and hope they don't know me! also know that it looks much phatter when your foot doesn't touch the board.....

Ollie Impossible Flip:
Although this decription is short, it is accurate, follow it closely.
1. Place you feel like you were doing a reg kickflip.
2. Pop the tail and slide your front foot directly down.
3. When your front foot hits the ground jump and push forward with your back foot.
4. Your board should do a Full Back-Flip.
5. Hop with your front foot diagonal to the direction going and your board.
6. Spread your legs until the board is horizontle.
7. Land with your knees heavily bent if going of a drop so you don't crack open the tail like I have done.
Note: Do not try this trick going fast. Otherwise your nuts are in danger (unless you're a girl, but its never fun to smash yourself anyway, so avoid falling and getting hurt at all costs.)

Outward Heel Flip:
To perform an outward heelflip, you must first be able to do heelflips and frontside pop shove-its regularly.
Place your front foot hanging over the toe edge with only your heel on the board with your back foot on the tail like you would for a frontside pop shove-it. Hit the tail and push your back foot forward like you would so it would rotate the 180. While doing this, kick your front foot off the edge of the board to make it flip. when it has finished flipping, catch it with your feet. If by this time it has not rotated the complete 180, push it around all the way with your feet. Your wieght may tend to be on your back foot and towards the tow edge, so be sure to evenly distribute your weight across the board. Land and ride away cleanly.

Inward Heel Flip:
1. Place feet in backside heelflip position. Basically put your front foot like a normal heelflip and put your backfoot like you would for a backside 180. Pretty logical stance. No reason to complicate it.
2. Pop a shuvit with your back foot.
3. When it is at 90 degrees flip the board with your heel (kick your heel forward rather than towards the nose and out).
4. Tuck your legs up high so the board doesnt hit your legs. You almost have to wrap your flipping foot around the board (like a saran wrap) if you don't.
5. When you see the griptape side up slam your feet down hard over the trucks to prevent slipiing out and falling.

Fs Flip:
For a frontside flip, put your front foot on the heel edge of the board and have about half of your foot on the board. (This may vary for different people on how the prefer to place their feet. This is how I (Feeble) do them. Put your back foot on the tail, as you normally would for a frontside 180. Hit your tail like you would for a frontside 180 while sliding your front foot off the edge of the board flipping it around. It can either go between your legs or it can stay below your feet. I think that when it goes between your legs it gives you more style, but its not always as easy. If it stays below your feet, make sure it rotates a complete 180 and flips all the way around. When it has completed it flipping, catch it as soon as possible. If at this time it has not finished rotating the 180, push out your back foot to make it finish and ride away fakie. If you want to flip it between your legs, flip it like you would a hard flip, but instead of lnading in your normal stance do a body varial and land fakie. It may be easier to perform the body varial if you put your front foot more towards the edge of the board.

Bs Flip:
What is a backside flip, you ask? It's a backside 180 with a kickflip.
First of all can you varial flip, if not learn varials.
Now, the first thing you should do is to either put your foot like you would for a kickflip or for a varial flip. Try both, it is different for different people and different boards. Now wind up your body in the opposite direction you are going to turn (towards your back) then unwind and spin your board like a varial flip. To do this start to turn the way you are spinning (towards your stomach) then kick your front foot out and kick your back foot backwards). Spin your body and stay above the board and turn with it the whole time. When you and the board are turned in the air, catch the board and land as cleanly as possible. Absorb the shock of the landing with your knees.

Fs Heelflip:
To perform this trick, it may be easier if you first master frontside 180's and heelflips.
Set up with your back foot like you would normally have it for a frontside 180. Put your front foot over the toe edge with only your heel on the board. Hit the tail as you would for a frontside 180 but at the same time flick your heel over the toe edge so it spins the 180 and flips at the same time. Continue your body movement in this direction until you have rotated a complete frontside 180 with your body. By this time, the board should have flipped all the way around and spun the 180. Once the board has flipped, catch it with your feet. Keep the board attached to your feet and land in the fakie stance. Ride away clean.

Bs Heelflip:
1. Get going at a moderate speed so you do not lose the board when flipping it.
2. Place your feet as you were to do a regualr inward heelflip (Varial Heelflip).
3. Ollie and throw your backfoot away from you and slide the front foot straight down.
4. The board should begin to spin backside and flip like a heelflip if done right.
5. Jump forward and catch the board.
(This is very tricky, it took me like 40 straight minutes to get down right.)
Zak Cabell, Salt Lake City, UT

Heelflip Lateflip:
1. Be rolling along at a good speed.
2. Put your front foot in a heelflip position-only a tiny bit of your toe should hang over.
3. Ollie and flip the heelflip but then snap your front foot back as the board completes the flip and kick the side of your board with your heel.
4. land on the trucks.
5. roll away
this trick is easiest off a curb or dropoff. It takes a while to get the snapping motion down, but you'll get it.

Pressure Flip:
1. Place your back foot on the edge of the tail and your front in the middle of the board just like an ollie
2. Pop the board with your back foot and slide your front foot forward to straighten the board out (just like and ollie).
3. Heres the hard part, while in the air, kick your BACK foot out flipping the board with your back foot. Be sure to get that foot out of the way while the board is flipping
4. When the board flips in one full rotation, plant your feet on the board and ride away smoothly.
this trick may be hard at first, but hey, i learned it so anyone can.

Late Flip:
1. Place your back foot on the edge of the board and your front foot on the middle of the board (just like an ollie)
2. Pop the board up and bring your front foot forward to straighten it out (still just like an ollie)
3. Now heres where you have to think. You must now the latest time to flip the board while in air. So I guess you should try to practice before hand.
4. Now, at the LATEST time you could. Flip the board with your front foot, fast and hard, really hard. This should cause the board to flip faster and you would just have done a late flip.
be sure to know where your feet are going to be and flip the board VERY HARD. if you dont then you will be hurting for it. Me for example tried a late flip off 6 stairs and accidently landed a taco and fell which led to a sprained ankel.

Wall Ride:
1. first you gotta learn how to ollie, an' you gotta be able to do it at least like two feet high or so.
2. ride towards a wall at about a 45 degree angle with your body facing it. that means that the front of your body is facing the wall. get it?
3. get ready to ollie at the wall, and keep your eyes on the spot where you want to wallride at all times.
4.ollie up, but don't level out. instead bring your back foot up in line with your front foot while pushing it towards the wall. while you do all this push your heels forwards and your toes back.
5. the board should now be more or less parellel to the ground. "snap" your toes forward which will put the board up against the wall. when you are actually riding the wall, you only want to have the balls of your feet on the board. otherwise it'll be too hard to stay upright. you only want to ride the wall for like a second or two.
6. now there are two ways to get off. actually, both are the same way, except in one you grab the board and in the other you don't. i can only do it with grabbing the board, so that's the only way i'm gonna tell you.
6. (cont.) bend your legs a little if they're not already bent, and grab the center of the frontside of the board, like an indy grab. pop the tail and jump away from the wall. level out the board with your hand by pulling your wrist inward (it's not that hard), and keep your feet flat against the deck.
7. extend your legs a little to absorb the impact, and ride off. actuall, the first few times i gaurentee you'll fall on your ass because you'll be off balance and loop out. but that's all good, cause' you'll get it eventually.
here's a couple hints:
*this whole trick only takes about 1.5 seconds to do. don't try to actually ride the wall.
*when you get off the wall, don't worry about leveling out the board. i made it sound more complicated than it really is.
*a pussy way to learn (that i used) is to find a wall with grass near it, and put a sheet of plywood leading up to it. that way you can practice the trick and not have to worry about falling backwards onto concrete or anything else that would hurt like a bitch.
hey, this is a phat trick, so learn it and be the pimp we know you are.